Air Force Mechanic's Monument

National Air Force Museum
Wright Patterson, AFB, OH

Aircraft Mechanics and Maintenance Teams 3D Relief Monument
Plans are for the Monument to be erected in the Memorial Gardens of the National Museum of the USAF, WPAFB, OH. July 2020




Gerald “Jerry” Haines came up with the following idea:

Mechanics and Maintenance teams are underrepresented in the memorial garden at the National Museum of the USAF.  He and Larry at Dodd's Monument have designed a seven-foot 3D relief monument and hope to raise enough funds to install it by next summer or fall.

He’s asking all former maintainers and Reunion Groups to make a donation towards the purchase and upkeep of the Aircraft Mechanic and Maintenance Teams 3D relief monument Jerry is in the process of obtaining donations to create a 3D relief monument to recognize the thousands of aircraft mechanics and maintenance teams. 

A personal request from Jerry.

My name is Jerry Haines and I am looking for assistance to raise $38,000.00 to help pay for a monument that will be dedicated to the Aircraft Mechanics of the United States Air Force.  This monument will stand proudly at the United States Air Force Museum Memorial Garden.

I served in the Air Force for twenty years and reminisce frequently with old friends of our experiences and travels that led us around the world to do our job as aircraft mechanics.  After visiting the Museum’s Memorial Garden there were memorials for Pilots, Navigators, Engineers, and Loadmasters.  But I noticed there was nothing to honor the unsung hero the “Aircraft Mechanic”. 

This request is in hope that you would be able to make a generous donation. The money raised will be used to cover the costs of the monument that will be carved in granite.  I am enclosing a copy of the monument which will include the Aircraft Mechanic’s Creed.  The actual dimensions will be 7’ 1 inch in height and 40 inches in width.  It is my hope to dedicate this memorial in July 2020, an actual date will be determined upon further discussions with the Air Force Museum and Dodd’s Memorials.

You have no idea how much it means to me to be able to dedicate a memorial to my fellow men and women who honored the ‘creed’.  Thank you in advance for your anticipated support. 

Thank you,

Gerald Haines


Anyone wanting to make a donation please send a check to the address below and made payable to "Dodd's Memorials".

Gerald "Jerry" Haines
2411 S. Tecumseh Road
Springfield, OH 44502