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Roger (Steve) Walters

Roger was at our last reunion in Branson and passed away shortly after attending. It was my pleasure to get to know him and it just reminds me that each time we attend a reunion it may be the last time for many of us. He'll be forever in our hearts.


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01/05/10 02:40 PM #1    

Harold Mitchell (Apg)

This is a poem steve wrote and was sent to us from Hal Thomas, CMSgt USAF (Ret)

As we look back on Viet Nam,
Almost forty years have past.
It’s time for us to think and reflect,
Each day could be our last.

We went to vanquish tyranny,
Many would fight and die.
We wanted those people to be free,
But, the price was just to high.

A Wall was built in Washington,
The names run on and on.
We stop, we look, we shed a tear,
For those hero’s forever gone.

Now we go to that Wall on the Mall,
In sight of the Capitol Dome.
We’re proud of the time we served over there,
But, we’re home old soldiers, we’re home.

Our time on earth is fading,
Soon the sun will set,
But, we can be proud of one thing for sure,
We’ve earned the title “VET”.

Roger Walters (Steve)
USAF 1965-1974

01/17/11 01:16 PM #2    

Dr. Harold W. Thomas

Steve was a great Avionics tech.  Always ready to give his best.  He was well respected and helpful anywhere he could help.  It was a pleasure having him in Avionics.  He never let his cohorts down. 

09/09/15 10:31 AM #3    

Peter Freehill (Avi-Nav)

In memory of Roger:

We were stationed together in the Doppler Shop for a short period of time.  A beautiful Starlifter arrived one evening (Roger and I both worked swing shift).  It had started at Dover, stopped in Spokane and Anchorage before Yokota.  The Navigator was furious as the Doppler was "kaput" the entire trip.  Many components were replaced along the way (EXCEPT THE ANTENNA).  Our ground test set got an instant "lockon".  We put the antenna on the shop simulator to investigate.  We found a mechanical switching unit mounted 180 Degees out of phase on the rear of the antenna.  Reinstalled the antenna and tested the Doppler thoroughly.  I believe the ground crew chief of that C-141 came to the "Lima" truck Roger and I were in that evening, and passed on a communication from the aircraft navigator (on his way to Danang), and thanked Yokota for fixing his Doppler.  That was very enlightening!!!!  Thank you, Roger, for being a good team member of the Doppler Shop and being dedicated to the U.S.A. and the U.S Air force!!!!  Peter.


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