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Waverly Hatch

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07/01/10 12:28 PM #1    

Lonnie Miller

I worked with and partyed with Hatch in Yakota and he introduced me to the album by the "Doors". He had a little white Honda car in which I took the ride of my life. The roads were not very wide in Japan and at night they seemed even smaller. He was great guy and will be missed by all that knew him.

10/12/12 06:07 PM #2    

Stephen Arruda

This November 2012 marks yet another year that I will enjoy only the memories of a person who was the best friend I have ever known. We met at Yokota late in 67. In 2 years we did lots of things. Including riding around a good size area of Japan on our motorcycles. Wave left the Air Force in late 1969. I didn't.  We always stayed in touch. Wave settled in California and again we shared lots of good times while I was stationed at Norton. I had a family but Wave was still single. Actually Wave was part of our family. My little girl called him Uncle Waverly. He visited us at every base we were assigned to. My last assignment at Vandenberg was no different. By then Wave had married and had his own little girl. I retired and my family moved back home to Massachusetts. Wave visited us here too. It is still difficult for me to think about the day almost 18 years ago when we learned Wave had gone on. In our family Wave will always be with us. But I still miss him. After all these years, life at Yokota seems like yesterday. Thanks Wave! May all our friends live forever in our hearts!

11/23/15 03:39 PM #3    

Stephen Arruda

On November 27,1994 Wave was one of three men in a private small plane that crashed landed in the California mountains. One man survived unfortunately it was not Wave. It would be days before the wreckage was found. I can remember so clearly as the days passed that the only news from Wave's  family was "we are still searching". " We are still searching". It has been 21 years and I am still searching for answers. What reason would "the powers that be" have to take Wave from this earth? I know I am not the only person who still grieves over lost family and friends. Perhaps after all these years the pain should ease some. It hasn't. As we continue to age our day will come too. What will remain will be the memories. Memories kept alive by people like us. And organizations like this. Long live our memories. And my deepest thanks to those who work to keep them available to all who care to remember. Thanks 610 MASS Alumni.


04/05/20 12:42 PM #4    

Ronald E. Hawkins (Na)

I was not aware that he had passed away until I looked at the 610 page last night. It goes without saying that his death definitely leaves a big hole in eveyones' life who knew him and I wish I had known earlier.  However, I will always remember Hatch from the times I spent with him and Jim Yamaguchi watching Japanese TV.  Waverly enjoyed joking and discussing cameras and some of the latest rock bands.  He also enjoyed talking about motorcycles and he and Jim rode together sometimes. 

I always liked him and accepted the ribbing he gave me every chance he had.   I did not work with him but did see him periodically on the flightline when I was fleeting an aircraft or after I started working in the Machine Room.  The last time I saw him was when he and Jim separated from the AF and I showed them around San Francisco before they caught their planes home.. I often wondered what happened to Hatch and could see him as a National Geographic Photographer and wondered what project he was working on. 

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