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Harry W. Hiller

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10/26/09 07:35 PM #1    

Dale Lawson

My wife was exiting the main gate one day and was crossing from one side to the other. There was a car stoppped on the side of road. Anyway when he went around the car he struck my wife (who was carring our infant son)knocking her to the ground. Harry called me at work and met me at hospital. Wife and son were fine but Harry really felt bad over the ordeal. Wife still has problem from that incident. I got caught for being overweight once and had to see 1st Sgt. Harry said "slow down on mashed potatos and gravy, go back to work". I found him him to be a genltleman and fair as 1st Sgt.

10/27/09 10:09 PM #2    

Ernest Abell (Chief Of Maintenance)

1st Sgt Hiller, was a good 1st Sgt and great person.
Sgt Ernest H. Abell

11/13/09 06:52 PM #3    

Rion Moore

I have great memories of CMsgt Hiller. He came and got me out of the security police office in the middle of the night. I remember him telling the MSgt on duty that" my people are not always right, but they are not always wrong and this man did'nt do any wrong" He then gave me a ride to the barracks. I remember one of the 610 barracks that had a picture taken of it with a martisan (japanese cop manaquin) on the front of the building with the caption Harrys Zoo

12/11/09 12:20 PM #4    

Everett Taylor

We lived two doors from Harry and his wife. I remember Harry coming over almost each nite and kidding our two youngters to keep them on their toes. He always went to sleep on our couch (sitting up), he really would sleep. The kids thought he was faking, but he wasn;t. A very good 1st shirt and a chief of chief. Rest in peace.

Everett Taylor

06/28/13 03:07 AM #5    

John Love

I remember Harry Hiller from before he became our First Shirt and then after becoming First Sergeant.  I got in trouble quite a few times and each time Ist Shirt Hiller took very good care of me normally by making me work on my days off cutting grass or doing other "Extra Duties".  The trouble that I got into was usually minor and Harry never sent me to the commander for those transgressions thereby allowing me to keep a clean record.  I'll never forget when I had to get my marriage papers signed by our commander. Harry took me to see the Col. and the commander let me know in no uncertain terms that he did not agree with Americans marrying Japanese women.  I got very mad and had words with the Col.  When the Col. told Harry to set me up for an Article 15 Harry sided with me telling the Col. that he would do no such thing and let the Col. know that he would support me in the matter.   Afterwards Harry chewed my rear and sent me along my way with my signed papers.  Years later after I had become a First Sergeant I ran into Harry and he let me know that I had almost gotten him in very bad trouble and I let him know how much his support had meant to me.  I learned so much from First Sergeant  Hiller and when I became a Shirt I tried to model myself the ways that he had taught me and found that Harry's ways were very effective and got much better results that being a ""Hard a$$" ever would.   The Air Force needs many many more senior NCOs like Harry Hiller.  Rest In Peace to My First Sergeant, CMSgt Harry Hiller   From:  First Sergeant John Love, SMSgt, Retired.

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