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Randall Leatherwood

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Daniel Kinney (Inst)

TSgt Leatherwood was one of the best supervisiors I ever had in my 27 year Air Force career.  As NCOIC Avionics Instrument Maintenance Shop, Sgt Leatherwood took me under his wing and trusted me to do my job with perfect balance between professional freedom (for me) and supervisory oversight (of me). I was a young Buck Seargent with a year of duty in Southeast Asia behind me, and just one year left on my first enlistment when I arrived at Yokota in 1973.  I had a bit of a shortimer's attitude.  His trust in me, and my technical abilities, was a real confidence builder.  Though he was my supervisor, he took personal interest in me, and my co-workers, that went well beyond what was required as shop chief.  When I needed a schedule change to accomodate my desire to begin night classes at the base education center, he made it happen.  When I met, and ultimately married, a senior NCO's daughter there on Yakota, he loaned me the money I needed to purchase an engagement ring.  I have thought of Sgt Leatherwood many times over the past 41 years since I left Japan.  I regret I didn't stay in touch with him but I'm am certain, had I done so, he and I would have become fast friends.

Daniel C. Kinney, Lt Col, USAF (Retired)

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