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Aj Card

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10/19/10 09:13 AM #1    

Steve R. Hoyland


       AJ Card was a good Friend. I liked him because he was a straight up no bull shit guy. With AJ the buck stopped and there were no excuses, he stood up for his troops and was not intimidated by others. His entries into the aircraft logs were always meticulous and neat. I would have hired him in a heartbeat any day of the week.
       It was AJ Card and Tom Gillespie who indoctrinated me to the ways of Jenny Rose and a place called the Turkey Farm. I was young and naive but boy howdy did they show me a good time. I will never forget AJ pulling three layers of wall paper off of Jenny’s wall to revile 12 inches tall letters “AJ”.
      We got together a few times when he got back state side and good times were had by all. When he left California we lost track but thanks to Mitch and the 610 MASS Site we were reconnected. I talked with AJ a few days before he passed on and I was really looking forward to the day we could sit down and talk about old times. I guess that I will have to wait.
Good by Old Friend and God Bless.
Your friend Steve Hoyland

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