Mario Gasparotto

Profile Updated: November 23, 2016
Where do you live: Shelby Township, MI USA
Spouse/Partner: Jo Ann
Children: Joel, born 1983; Ryan, born 1985; Logan, born 1987, and finaly got my girl Haley, born in 1994.
As More…of 21 October, at 66 I FINALLY became a grandfather! to a beautiful little boy... Marco Gasparotto. Love him now, but looking forward to when he can run around with grandpa.
Current Occupation if still working: RETIRED From TACOM (Tank Armaments and Automotive Command) 30 JUNE 2014!
Military Service: US Air Force  
What is your web address?
Mario Gasparotto


Yes! Attending Reunion
What years were you assigned to the 610 MASS at Yokota?

1969 to 1971 Active Duty. Yokota and Vietnam. Had 17 year break from Military then Joined Air Force Reserves in 1989. Was activated in Oct. 90 to August 91 for Desert Shield/Storm. Retired in 2006

Where did you work with-in the 610 MASS?

Flight Line Maintenance, QSS April 1969 to April 1971

Have you ever attended a 610 MASS reunion?



Hope to attend one of the reunions. I will for sure if it ever comes to Michigan.

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Mario Gasparotto has a birthday today.
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Mario Gasparotto has a birthday today.
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Mario Gasparotto has a birthday today.
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Mario Gasparotto has a birthday today.
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Air evacs lining up getting ready to go.
Mario Gasparotto has a birthday today.
Apr 18, 2016 at 1:33 AM
Jun 23, 2015 at 4:59 PM

Hey Gabe! Happy to hear you have been promoted to RETIREMENT! Congratulations!. I did it 30 June 2014. Any plans on coming back to Michigan ... even for a visit? If so, I'd love to see you and catch up. You take care now and God bless you and yours. Mario Gasparotto

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Happy Birthday Craig.
You probably don't remember me, because you were a short timer when I got to YOKOTA in April of 69. I think you were roommates with Allen Fukunaka. Anyway, my memory of meeting you was you were laying in your bunk and told me a joke... why don't they allow helicopters in Italy: then you said because the big blade goes WHOP WHOP and the little blade goes GUINEE GUINEE GUINIEE. And then you had to explain to me, of Italian descent, what a guinee was. (Never said I was smart) :) Anyway, your name popped up on my 610 MASS account and I just thought I'd say hi. Glad to see your still around I'll add a picture of me around that time... It may jog your memory. It was taken after I left YOKOTA and was in Nam with the 617 MASS. Take care and may God bless you and yours. I am on the top photo; in the middle photo I'm on the left, and in the bottom photo I'm on the left. I had to send all three as that's the way they were sent to me.
Take care and GOD bless you with many more birthdays
Mario Gasparotto

May 13, 2014 at 4:52 AM

Hey Glenn! You look great! I can still see that young kid I knew while at Yokota. Hope to see you again someday. Spoke to Tom Spillars about a year ago. He still lives in Old Town Fla. . If you get a chance, drop me a line. mario1.gasparotto@ or You take care. Lord bless you and yours.