Joseph Puett

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Joseph Puett
Where do you live: Harrison, AR USA
Spouse/Partner: Margaret
Current Occupation if still working: Medically Retired from TYSON Foods
Military Service: USAF  
What is your web address?
Yes! Attending Reunion
What years were you assigned to the 610 MASS at Yokota?

November 1970 - November 1972

Where did you work with-in the 610 MASS?

Avionics- Auto Pilot November 2

Have you ever attended a 610 MASS reunion?



Before I left Yokota they sent me to the 22 AF NCO Leadership School at Norton AFB, California where I learned a lot about being an AF NCO. Returned to Yokota for my last couple of month before PCS to Charleston, SC. After having been in the pressure cooker of working at Yokota being in a depot level maintenance setting was really boring for me. My attitude wasn't very good and I no longer felt that I fit in anywhere. So my supervisor recommended that I take a position as a Life Guard at a remote recreational area called Hodge Podge Lodge on Lake Moultrie, SC. This is where I spent the last few months of my enlistment. While working at the lake I took a scuba diving course put on by the local dive shop. After this spent every possible moment in the water all over SC.
Was Honorably Discharged in August of 1973. Kicked around home, Laurence, KS for a couple of years and then tried to re-enlist in AF but was turned down. So joined the Missouri Army NG, Kansas City, MO as a 95B MP. Spent 6yrs with 205th MP BN up until 1980. Was at Fort Chaffee, AR in 1980 during Cuban boat lift riots and received a back injury from my driver jumping a ditch with our jeep. After several months of recovery, moved to Harrison, AR area in Sept. 1980 and while working with electric company rural power line, April 1982, was electrocuted, so no more Guard for me. Took me several years to recover from my electrical accident and while recovering went to local junior college and got an AAS Degree in Business Admin. After several jobs around town joined TYSON Foods, Green Forest, AR and have worked there for the last 23 yrs. Returned to school through Arkansas Tech University in fall of 2012, and in May of 2014 received Bachelors Degree in Professional Studies/ Information Technology. Last couple of years have been very trying for me and my family. Had a minor stroke June of 2013 and then on Sep. 11, 2013 rolled my F-150 during a sudden down pour. Have to walk with a cane now due to damage to both legs and back. Was retired medically from Tysons Foods in October of 2013 and am now drawing disability. Had another minor stoke in Aug. 2014 but haven't let these problems get me down as I have recently started graduate school online for my Master's Degree in Information Technology. Will be looking for some type of part time employment due to limits of disability but at least I will stay mentally and physically active. It's hard to let go after having worked for most of my life.
So for now I'm still striving and succeeding and growing so wish me luck!

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Thanks Larry for the pictures and the birthday wishes. I haven't seen pictures taken of me since leaving Yokota in 1972. My memory of Yokota isn't very good so it took a while to realize that it was me in that picture. My car was the only thing that helped keep me sane while I was there. You didn't know but I didn't receive any mail from home for my entire time at Yokota. So that was the darkest period in my life and for years I've been messed up and out of place over it.

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Thanks for the Birthday wishes Jean, its hard to believe that I'm 63. Yokota was so long ago I hardly remember it at all. Just a few fragments here and there!

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Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 9:50 PM
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 9:50 PM
Small picture of me just out of Basic October 1969