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Profile Updated: January 9, 2014
Where do you live: Lake city, FL USA
Spouse/Partner: Satoko
Children: None (four dogs)same as kids
Current Occupation if still working: 100% disabled Permanent Unemploybility
Yes! Attending Reunion
What years were you assigned to the 610 MASS at Yokota?


Where did you work with-in the 610 MASS?

(Enlisted)Hydraulic Specialist-(Officer)F4G Phantoms-C-130H

Do you have any favorite stories or notable events to tell us about while you were at Yokota?

A wonderful life with the men and women I had the honor to work with at Yokota and deployment to Osan,Korea, Clark AB, Phillippines, Kurat, Thailand,CamRanh Bay Viet Nam. All our missions were successfuly completed. We worked hard and enjoyed life together along with wonderful Japanese nationals of all ranks. Yokota Base personel was fantastic. The entire Base was one large family, Boy Scouts, great Areo Club for flight training, great Motorcycle Club,great hospital. Regarless of rank everyone was equal and respected. Ofcourse we had a wonderful church. I had the pleasure to work at Yokota after active duty until 1990-2005

Have you ever attended a 610 MASS reunion?



Working with my father and family operating an air freight service in Massachusetts. Based at Westfield Air Port, Mass. Catering to Emery Air Freight. We had four Beech 18s and a Cessna 206. Airline was called Springfield Air Service. Returned to Tokyo,Japan 1986 working as an engineer for JAMCO Corp catering to BOEING A/C, unfortunately there was early retirement due to BOEING's large layoff. Worked in Tokyo as a ground instructor for a flight school also as Assistant Administrator for University of Maryland also instructing grouond school for the Yokota Aero Club. Returned state side 2004 for prostate cancer treatment. Keep me in your prayers Thank You and please keep in touch. God Bless You Always

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